Direct Democracy on the Blockchain?

Your local and regional governments can be transformed in to honest transparent organizations which serve the people (not themselves) quickly on the “blockchain”, so what are you waiting for?

One view of this Ron Paul Liberty Report is a good way to get a backgrounder on why this is such an important topic.

Gerald Cilente, guest of this episode forecasting the trends for 2019, and author of the much (Wall Street) followed Trends journal he has been publishing for 35+ years is well known to some of us in North America, and he has it right per the title of this article. He forecast the crash of 2008 well before it happened. He has admitted publicly he did not correctly predict the timing of this current crash we are in, however he also pointed out not one person predicted negative interests and four rounds of “Quantitative Easing” (inflationary money printing).

What Mr. Cilente is not likely aware of is #IOTA #Tangle (Likely Europe’s largest blockchain active development community by far), being the most likely “blockchain” distributed public ledger technology to excel in the field of Direct Democracy on the Blockchain, in order to clean up the political mess of corruption, voter unapproved gerrymandering and illegal wars the USA has got itself into, not to mention broad worldwide corruption in the political class at all levels of government.

Why IOTA? A single phrase encapsulates the IOTA Tangle advantage over all blockchains of today, “scalable TPS” where TPS means “Transactions per second”.

Consider on-line eVoting volumes just for a minute. In that minute the polls open, its likely the time it takes to finish “PoW” proof of work verification and time stamping of each voter’s record written to the blockchain could well exceed the TPS VISA can handle, the current TPS champion at 6000 tps maximum., with their largely distributed Data Center “DC” infrastructure. Probably by a factor of 10X. WOW!

And ouch too…, because today it just isn’t possible in a country the size of the USA to implement direct democracy with existing voting technology as we know and use it on-line, especially if it were a direct democracy issue, which is flat.., read no state or municipal boundaries, the use case when eVoting on country wide issues needs to happen all at once, “Referendum” style in a short period of time.

As Mr. Cilente points out, The Swiss are as close to a direct democracy on this planet as you can find, as I myself have witnessed having lived in Switzerland as a guest worker and imported labour/investor/business start-up person.

Wonder why Switzerland’s standard of living is so high, taxes so low and why people more than just survive if they have any sort of work ethic, in what is also a high priced economy? Direct Democracy has lots to do with it at the local Kanton level of politics in a positive way. Switzerland at the federal level is another story and not the topic of this article. (Suffice it to say they have other masters, bank interests and the RC church at the federal level providing heavy handed yet invisible to the public guidance along with their global company leaders).

In IOTA enterprising developers have a chance to change the world of politics by building scalable eVoting solutions on the TANGLE, they just need encouragement and hope to do so from a political candidate at the local level willing to push the eVoting on the blockchain for the management and recording transparently of all decisions political, disbursing money and justice, to actually create a platform for wide spread “Direct Democracy on the Blockchain” in their local or regional government.

Naysayers will say “Time will tell”. Hmm, we are IMO, out of time given the number of people on the sideline, not to be found in the employment records in North America, which some people estimate to be at least 25% of the working population. Canada today for example, is running around in the main stream media saying we are full employment at 4.5% unemployment. Total Bull Crap. It’s the same story in most if not all the countries around the world. Direct Democracy can this sad state of employment worldwide for the better by eliminating most corruption and holding all politicians accountable for their actions via referendum votes and confidence votes and also fiscally limit their spending and related resourcing to the programs they were voted in on in the first place. (Oh how novel, a politician enacting change based on the platform by which he was elected governed by “the Blockchain”, making sure they serve the people and not themselves ;) )

So get going IOTA developers, and be brave you budding/savvy local honest wannabe politicians, because transparency is not as tough a challenge as one might think. It’s called in most circles “being honest.” It’s time for local politicians to make “Direct Democracy on the Blockchain” a tabled issue worthy of a discussion and a vote, because with IOTA there is actually a means to implement direct democracy on-line, even if there is no “blockchain” so to speak, doing it on IOTA’s “scalable TPD” Tangle, the first not for profit, distributed public ledger really capable(infinitely scalable in theory) of supporting direct democracy eVoting. ;)




DLT Architect, CEO WRRSystems, IEN Member, SCADA2IOTA, EnerSettle, Publish0x Blogger as Thunderboltkid, Contracted Consultant for CloudProx

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I M Edwardsson

DLT Architect, CEO WRRSystems, IEN Member, SCADA2IOTA, EnerSettle, Publish0x Blogger as Thunderboltkid, Contracted Consultant for CloudProx