FedCoin FUD and “Digital Ledger Tech”

For those of us watching and participating in the crypto currency market we all know “DLT” stands for Distributed Ledger Technology.

Please note we’ve already been Shanghai’d!

Shanghai’d for Navy Duty…

DLT has been Shanghai’d by very dark forces according to Kent Lewiss of freedom.social on a recent YouTube show of the SGT Report which you can find here… https://youtu.be/ltKLOJp08Uw published 20 Jan 2018.

The take away from this informative video? (to paraphrase)

“Digital Ledger Technology “DLT as promoted by the banks, the IEC standards body and participating governments is being used as the umbrella term to connect all central banks and register all industries and commercial banks into what is really a CENTRALIZED Ledger Technology, they will register all industries with public keys and get their bank members to force their customers onto their shared Centralized Blockhain Distributed Ledger Technology they select to try to perpetuate the status quo”

which is not much different from what we know Ripple to be, checkout: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/

so be sure to visit Ripple’s website to better understand how Centralized Ledger Technology works under the Blockchain for Inter-bank settlement services by a private company endorsed by the banks today. (The Fed is also a private company controlled by unknown banking shareholders.)

Calling all Cryptocurrencies- It’s time to start connecting peer to peer

Today we use a number of different cryptocurrency exchanges to convert between these exciting (and inflation proof) stores of value. The problem with doing that is sometimes governments shut down these central server based services, or the services themselves crash and our store of value whatever the cryptocurrency is, can be lost.

In order to avoid being shutdown by corrupt fiat printing governments stealing our cash via their equally corrupt banking partners we need to have these exchanges first trade between themselves. Second and most importantly , we need to have those companies creating such Inter-exchange trading portals, also deliver a true P2P Peer to Peer Trading Desk that anyone can use, a la the “ Safe Network” from Maidsafe where users will soon be able simply share their storage and receive Safecoin in return, which can then be used to acquire more storage (and in the future CPU/RAM/Network bandwidth resource) or be exchanged via such P2P Trading Desks into other crypto-currencies and those fiat currencies which still have value and local buying power as needed.

While I am not an expert in this space, as it’s still early days for me, I did stumble on to Covest. (check out the link below):

Covest seems to be on the right track.

P2P Cryptocurrency “CC” Tradings Desks: Now!

First, P2PCC Trading Desks, for lack of a better acronym, will be the absolute key, if we, as a movement, are really going to unshackle the world from the fiat and debt based misery in which we now exist.

Because these new next generation cryptocurrency networks such as SAFE Network from Maidsafe (Datachains) are overlays over existing TCP and UDP protocol of the Internet, there is no way they can be shutdown, especially since uTP hole punching is now working. P2PCC trading desks will need to use these same protocols in a secure fashion, and will also need to embrace newer Distributed Ledger Technologies such as DAG and MaidSafe’s Datachains to ensure fast secure settlement while preserving one’s privacy and security. Only then will we able to break free of those shackles and truly become sovereign beings and realize our true potential via financial freedom.

Second, and most importantly a P2P Trading Desk in a form any novice can use will literally re-boot the world economy and cut out government and banker middlemen. Nice.

FUDDING the FedCoin?: Not really, it has a (small) place

There may be a need for Fedcoin on Blockchain using Centralized Ledger Technology “CLT”to help keep the banks transparent among themselves, something Ripple does well today. If this cadre of old tech bankers want to connect to the rest of the world and Main St. economies, IMO they should PAY Ripple to tie into the Inter-Exchange portals already in motion. Of course if the Fed insists on creating US Govt bonds via the US Treasury out of thin air to cover the rampant expansion of fiat money issued by banks, then it should be a light traffic connection. :)

Secure Peer 2 Peer Multi-cryptocurrency Trading Desk Software=Future!

The future is bright, so let’s avoid getting Shanghai’d and all become Sovereigns in our own lands and stay connected via secure and private Peer to Peer Networking and P2PCC Trading Desks running on your favourite private and anonymous network like MaidSafe SAFE Network. Also it’s IMO the best way to shutdown the Fed, gracefully over time, offering consumers and businesses alike a bridge strategy to a new and much fairer way of doing business. Ron Paul would be proud. ;)



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