Fill Your Truck or Car with Natural Gas via your Barbecue Connector.

I M Edwardsson
9 min readNov 23, 2022

Sounds like a grand plan, so what’s the catch?

Aside from re-rigging your Truck or Car combustion motor to make us of Natural Gas, the practical matter of employing NG as fuel for Transportation use is really almost as easy as the title of this post, with NO technical hurdles.

StateImpact PA, Circa 2013

So why is NG (aka Methane Gas) so slow to catch on in the Transport sector, and why are we so enthralled about EVs running on Lithium Batteries, one wonders, when such a practical use of Natural Gas as above can use NG already hooked up to our homes?

Because the powers that be in #BigOIL say so, that’s why.

Which begs the bigger Question:

Why would we all dig up 4.4 tons of raw ore to build our 700 lb #Lithium EV batteries to power ourselves one ‘environmental friendly’ car?

Well a ‘sane’ person on a budget would not do the above, especially in North America or Europe because TODAY you cannot dig up Lithium at a reasonable price… (plus prices for Electrical Vehicles “EVs” are ridiculously high these days)

Check this graph out below, Lithium prices are skyrocketing and will continue to do so.

Source: BenchMark Minerals

Now that we know Lithium will never be cheap and is most certainly ‘dirty’ (not to mention a fire hazard), we can say unequivocally current EVs like Tesla are clearly NOT Environmentally friendly, and anyone with a brain can see EVs WILL become more increasingly expensive to operate because of real scarcity of Lithium relative to the number of EVs that are forecast for production , as estimated by those ‘disciples of the Green New Deal’(AOC et al) living in their own “Green Reality Distortion Field”.

#Lithium, while easy to process in ‘slave retrieved mud form’ as it is recovered from the ground by slaves in China under the #CCP whip, everywhere else in the rest of the World is faced with extremely costly material retrieval charges,

and must resort to Lithium ‘hard rock’ mining practices which means:

dynamite the Lithium ore out of deep veins or strata underground,

haul it up,

grind it up,

pellet it, smelt it to separate and isolate it,

(lots of energy used here, lots of pollution to if not handled properly )

then form it into the desired shape and sinter it (coat it to stabilize it)

All of the above non-CCP mining operations together are more expensive for everyone except China, as we in the rest of the world now attempt or cajoled by the Political Muppet Elite into do doing the above ‘dirty work’ to find more Lithium (thus enriching the Muppet Masters.)

Frankly, Lithium is a dumb idea for all forms of transport whose time has come and gone,

we ‘the herd’, just don’t realize it and are stupid enough collectively to keep believing the foisted current Climate change shite shoved at us by those looking to really make their money and fill up their ‘Muppet’ government coffers via the Carbon Tax and Credit game.

Solution to our Fuel Prices and Need to be Clean/green?

It’s really quite simple, and the good news is we, in some parts of the world are already doing the right thing in some places in the world which is add Reformed Natural Gas processing to clean NG right at the recover point, which is the wellhead out in the field.

Chevron thinks the transport sector move at least in part, to Compressed NG powered vehicles big and small is the future, given there move yesterday to buy up 55 CNG stations across the USA to whom they will sell NG.

As well Cummins is launching their 15L CNG Engine in 2024 designed for use in heavy transport applications after much success in China the past few years.

Reforming NG means extracting dangerous pollutants out of gas as retrieved at the gas/oil wellhead ( sadly we first pump the oil and ‘flare off’ the solutions gas to create nice Red Sunsets/Sunrises up here in Alberta, Canada). Clearly Reforming NG before we let the NG enter the pipeline transport and local distribution pipes to be burned as Clean NG in our homes , attached barbecues and as proposed above in our NG modified and self-filled Trucks and Cars is the way to build a low cost fuel infrastructure for transportation that is clean for many generations.

Reforming NG means extracting Sulfur, Nitrogen products to create what is mostly a methane ‘natural’ gas or “Market Gas” , doing such reformation right at the recover point of land based wellheads (Today in most all cases we do not do that, however it’s standard practice to reform the gas extracting sulfur and nitrogen byproducts to create market gas at ocean based NG wellheads . Also keep in mind burning Solutions Gas, so called ‘flaring of gas’ at the wellhead, needs to go bye-bye. Dirty Flare Gas practices create multiple health concerns (In Alberta it is really bad), causing chronic nose, eye and lung irritation and inflammation contributing to lower human Oxygen intake levels, and as such flaring of gas which creates the triple chain ‘N3’ Nitrogen based (tri-nitrite) pollutants causing these health problems also gives the surrounding local regions close to and downstream of the Solutions Gas Flaring those really pretty but extremely toxic RED sunrises and Sunsets.

Thankfully some of the NG engineering herd is smart and we already do have reformation of NG in operation at the wellhead, where Finland’s Wartsila is one of a few leaders creating such tech developed first at off-shore NG wellhead sites.

Reading the above, one can see reforming NG at the wellhead on-land needs to be mandatory everywhere, regulated by regional governments controlling licensing of resources, and is the way to add MORE and direct MORE, Much Cleaner Natural Gas Supply into the Transportation sector, as the transport and distribution pipeline infrastructure, which is already in place to make sure one can heat their homes in North America and fire up one’s NG fueled stoves and barbecues, as well as filling up one’s Truck and Car.

Why even here in Canada, in BC we are doing the right thing reforming NG, believe it or not using the Finnish NG reforming gear mentioned earlier in this post:

In Europe, for consumers and businesses to gain lower fuel prices for transportation applications, and at the same time ‘get clean’, really the EU governance structure needs to go away. Europeans need to give their collective heads a shake (like North Americans) and embrace Russia as part of Europe in the same way Russia has been embraced the past 10+ years as part of Asia. Russia is the right European partner or NG, so Europeans need to absolutely ditch Rothschild directed EU control of fuel supply into Europe and finally get real with Russia in order to quickly expand their use of NG into the transportation sector with home fill of NG for trucks and cars.

Sure the North American and European Car Manufacturers need to wake up to the realities of NG abundance and the veryeasy possibilities of reforming existing transport and distribution systems so they can be augmented at low cost to fill up vehicles with NG ad a really fair price.

Some transportation use of NG progress is already in place and really almost 20 years old in Europe, as “Erdgas” as they call it in Deutschland(Germany), is already part of the consumer and commercial auto fleets and consumers have been able to buy and fill-up with ErdGas, which by the way, is NOT LPG “Liquefied Petroleum Gas” and having been filling up selectively at the pump for years. That said the home delivery infrastructure can be at low cost, safely and easily retrofitted to accept reformed Natural Gas from Russia delivered right to the home in Europe to even enable safe vehicle self fill-up.

To better understand the differences between LPG and NG read this

Its important to note the ‘chemical cocktail’ of LPG is much more complex and more expensive to create, and while LPG has a higher caloric burn value than NG, LPG also does not burn as clean as its ‘methane’ based NG cousin.

NG is of course not a perfect burn, and does require transportation engine and vehicle designers to re-think how they would design better NG powered vehicles given the proposed larger supply of NG per the title of this post. post burn Methane pollutants still need to be trapped.

Now, if Only Western Canadian (Alberta) & American (Texas) NG Producers would wake up and rid the #Rockefeller shackles of #BigOil&Gas control, as in North America, as there is by most legitimate NG prospector accounts, at least 1000 years of NG supply to run the entire world. In fact Pennsylvania alone could supply all CNG “Compressed Natural Gas” transport needs for all the USA for many decades to come.

And, contrary to popular belief, NG is NOT SCARCE for reasons of supply, NG is scarce for reasons which include engineering lack of initiative ($$$) and political class subtle development blockades of NG market ‘further’ development, which sees the political status quo pander to the existing BigOIL status quo (so such political Muppets can receive their kickbacks of course).

NG is not especially hard to recover (nor is Oil), so that MainStreamMedia claimed ‘resource scarcity’ argument and alarm is FALSE and simply a Rockefeller and #Rothschild Cadre created myth which drives existing oil and gas fuel prices up and their profits up at your expense.

In reality, expanding the use of NG (Erdgas) into the transportation sector also comes with the reality, given no BigOIL and Political interference that, NG prices should stay low for our life times, and those of our great great great great great grandchildren, (as should the price of OIL and gas stay low as well for the next three generations as we ‘the herd’ make the shift to NG use in all forms of transportation by voting with our pocket books).

Finally As a footnote dismount on the insanity of Lithium batteries,

yes we still need them for lots of different applications, so her are the real viable ‘cleaner’ alternatives to Lithium batteries:

The better batteries for hearing aides, Zinc Air batteries, also need to see that the Zinc Air tech use is spread to other applications. Zinc itself as battery material was originally used to power early telegraph systems in the 1800s, also find it’s way into other applications, as invented by Englishman William Robert Grove in the 1830s:

#Zinc Air Batteries as they are currently developed by Zinc8 Energy of Burnaby BC, Canada

are the way to go imo, for peak shaving and grid regulation, where we do need batteries at the #gridedge of the public power grids to stablize power delivery to the home. For off-grid DIY powering of the home and office or in remote locations ZincAir Batteries can be efficiently charged by smaller wind and solar trickle chargers and works a co-prime mover to supplement your gas fired forced air or water heated home, backing each other up if need be during grid failures or gas distribution supply line failures. If both co-prime mover systems fail, then get yourself a wood or wood pellet burning stove and supply of wood or wood pellets to avoid freezing to death.

Zinc Battery variants such as Nickel-Zinc while dirtier to make, also offer up a durable and recyclable option to ZincAir as developed by ZAFsys in Columbia Falls, Montana, USA

packaged in conventional prismatic and car battery like forms. IMo Nickel-Zinc only makes sense if you live in a Country like Canada or the USA where nickle supplies are abundant and low cost and the sourced Nickel processing methods are super clean.

As the World has Huge supplies of Zinc both raw and recycled (galvanized metal uses Zinc can be found in plentiful supply in metal recycling centers around the world) which dwarf the availability of Lithium, and where Zinc can be found on this planet most everywhere, it is much easier for most every country to mine locally and supply regionally at lower cost , using the well known processes to refine which are cleaner to operate at lower cost than what is currently the case in the Lithium battery production space.

So Despite Zinc yielding 2.2V in a AA battery size versus Lithium 3.3V in the same AA battery, I say ‘Lithium RIP’.

Long live NG and ZincAir (and maybe NickelZinc in certain use cases) too.

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