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“Orthogonal Fenced” VPNS for Cryptocurrency Node Networks: Crypto can now Separate the State from Money with SCION Protocol, “By the People for the People”

I M Edwardsson


To enable the “break” to happen, One Educated, Personal Transaction at a Time, using cryptocurrencies & networks operating over SCION Protocol enabled OF-VPNs.

“One is the Loneliest Number..,”

Until you find out, you’re not the only one thinking about buying some good or service with cryptocurrency, from an outlet advertised as accepting cryptocurrency as payment (ie- Japan 260,000 outlets as 2 days ago).

Yes ‘they’ could:

turnoff the Internet;

ban cryptocurrency in your locale and/or;

the surface of the Earth could be hit by Sun CME “Coronal Mas Ejection” generating an “EMP “Electro-Magnetic-Pulse” of Inters-stellar proportions which wipes out all electronics in space and on earth (at least the stuff not protected facing the Sun) and/or;

‘they’ could target EMP weapons at specific sites/regimes (think Crypto Mining Centres located near cheap power, they are concentrated for BTC and easily targeted) by “Hot Tip” Kinetic Weapons fired from high altitude or Space Satellites of the mil spec variety, remotely detonated just before they hit over their target to create the EMP blast which takes out all the electronics.

The extent and value of such destruction of a cryptocurrency network of nodes, could be 100% destruction in each case, when ‘they’ use any of the above, all within their control to do so, at any time.

At which point Gold, Silver, Seeds, barter, growing a garden and learning how to weave everything and, build and repair material stuff and fried electronic/electrical stuff with your hands, all of which becomes the currency of the day for the locale or region experiencing such an apocalyptic, “Economic Reset”.

(The stuff of just movies? I think not. The “form” of ‘hot wars’ has changed and, today, ‘they’ can direct such carnage in a timed and, prolonged way, doing as ‘they’ please, aiming such carnage at anyone ‘they’ want, being Governments ‘of’ the people.) - R. Reive

Enough of the gloom and doom on my part.

My up front advice to anyone reading this article?

Understand such threats (to the crypto currency movement) as those mentioned above are VERY real and present, some aimed and executed at cryptocurrency community at large, by multiple state players daily, worldwide.

Add in the natural “wild card” case, which sees our very own Sun generating a CME or Micro Nova which collides with us 4 days later ( or less, we are long over due) it only get’s worse, before it get’s better.

So what are “we” the people (in the cryptocurrency community) going to do about risk mitigation in the regards of protecting a growing, fledgling, separation of “Money Control from State” by the people and for the people?


SCION ‘Internet 2.0' Protocol: Not just for Bankers & Big Enterprise..,

Today in Europe, Data Flow Protection via ‘Geo-fencing’ to secure both state and financial communication and settlement networks with High Availability has been a reality for the past three years. These Geo-fenced VPNs have highly secure, Quality of Service HA paths between business parties, which operate within and between state boundaries paths, setup and controlled mostly by large financial concerns, where the business parties are in complete legal control, not the governments, or providers over which these paths operate. (While North America sleeps and, AsiaPac catches on fast).

“Internet 2.0” Geo-fencing is really about adapting existing “Intranet Routing “ schemes of OPSF and IGRP, by replacing their “Inter Routing” technology of the day, the 30+ year old, security hack prone BGPsec “Border Gateway Routers”, with SCION enabled “Border Routers”, BRs attached to existing AS “Autonomous Systems” and/or completely new ISDs “Isolated System Domains”. These new Scion Protocol enabled Border Routers (really a cluster of Micro Services, Replicated and Networked together and, deployed as containers or appliances in from of your existing VPN and DMZ) let the data flow owners set up their own paths , where all path creation, selection and behavior is managed today by the data flow owners and, not by the Network Service Providers, Provider Networks over which the owner data flow paths are owner procured and owner operated.

To find out more read about the SCION Protocol and find out more about the three year production network operating in Europe created and operated virtually by of Switzerland.

Data Flow ‘Geo-fencing’ over the WAN using SCION Border Routers, aligns these newly secured “Virtual Private Network” data flows and user selected and maintained paths with the local regime’s state and financial regulatory rules regime in which the business entity presides. (ie Personal Health data must stay within the borders of the governing state/province)

In other words, the ‘status quo’ is preserved it would seem, to most observers interested how the current world of fiat money securely operates over the WAN, this time with way more security and network bandwidth efficiency.

All Good Right? So the thinking goes, by the Masters of Money.

Orthogonal Fenced Virtual Private Networks “OF-VPN”:

“Cryptocurrency Node Networks + SCION Protocol =

True Separation of Money from State, by the people, for the people.” R. Reive

The good news for the crypto community building large, distributed consensus, settlement, Smart Contract and other value nodes of networks supporting their cryptocurrency offer is, they too, can use SCION open source and/or employ the services of Anapaya, to ‘fence’’ the data flows and paths of their own new, “money supply” networks, into any “Geo” market, anywhere they like. No permission required.

Cryptocurrency Dev/Ops and Network Admin teams are encouraged to audit the SCION open source, created by ETH Zurich with much involvement (80 people over 8 years, at least 600 Man years of dev & test effort, 2500+ loc “lines of Code” in Go) by SwissCom, Switch AG,. SCION is, and continues to be a community open source effort focused on figuring out the best way to build a new capability, Geo-Fencing, also referred to as “Data Flow Hi-Jacking Prevention” (to stop arbitrary snooping), which in cryptocurrency community terms, this capability, , can and must be implemented as ‘Orthogonal Fenced Virtual Private Networks’ or OF-VPNs ( in short, ‘fence’ the way you like), to ensure the orderly separation of state from money.

OF-VPNs using the SCION Protocol, as implemented and supported by Anapaya, cleanly separate physical & logical network deployment and operation outside those employed by local dictates and regimes of government elected by the people or otherwise. In the former, only proper investigation with actual evidence to create a proper legal action request “court order” to ask the node operator to assist/comply with a regime claimed wrong doing on the network , governed by “rule of law”, is possible.

Which in layman’s terms, if ‘they’ don’t have the facts to justify the fraud claims against the transaction flowing over the money supply/settlement network (fraud of a different type ’they’ commit every day stealing your buying power),’they’ cannot just arbitrarily “Network Shape” (as the providers do today on behave of the local regime, masted by the NSA and others) or just stop the cryptocurrency node network operating through the provider.


Well in the case of SCION enabled OF-VPNs, Providers don’t have legal control of the OF-VPN.

That legal compliance rests with the cryptocurrency network node owner(s) and operators(s) in regard to ‘the claim in question’ only.

Good. VERY good.

The Node operator(s), by collectively implementing and deploying on a SCION enabled OF-VPN , for the cryptocurrency network of nodes 100%, means the node operator(s) in question (‘the claim’) , stay “up and running”, earning rewards, until such time the court order arrives, per the local regime’s “Rules of Law” demanding the affected node operators to comply.

SCION enabled OF-VPNs ensure the node operator can respond in kind, with the time and research they need, to decide whether they comply or not, and in certain cases, prepare a preliminary response for their own legal defense (if the node operator is also name in the “violation claim”by the ‘regime’, usually looking for tax money to pay for unspecified, un-audited programs).

By forcing both the ‘regime’ and the Provider to comply to ‘rule of law’ (the court order process), through the use of a SCION enabled OF-VPN, the node operator has the time to prepare (do their own forensics, maybe notify the wallet owners in advance), request from the ‘regime’ making ‘the claim’ for more evidence of wrong doing and the specifics (who, what, when, where, how and even why), before deciding to allow Provider ‘court ordered’ network forensics to occur on that part of the OF-VPN network of nodes which participated, at the time of the ‘alleged’ violation between the exact parties involved (wallet addresses please). It is also important for the affected node operators to stay in control of the forensic effort and scope of inspection allowed the ‘regime’ , as such, any ‘regime’ sponsored third party inspection, should be restricted to the affected SCION enabled OF-VPN paths and nodes only known to have transported the transactions, communications between the wallets of both parties mentioned in ‘the claim’ by the regime, supported by the ‘issued’ court order.

In the latter case, where ‘they’, are the government ‘of’ the people, the operator managing the node in that type of regime has not much choice but to move the node and likely, their team located in the regime, to a cryptocurrency friendly regime elected by the people for the people. (There are not many of those crypto friendly regimes, in reality, for example iin the USA, Wyoming is the first state to make this happen, with others at the state level following rapidly, while the US Federal authorities maintain the status quo.)

OF-VPNs : The Transition to Sound Money, with in the Rule of Law.

OF-VPNs and SCION are the future of “sound money” operating within current ‘rule of law’ which protects node operators from arbitrary government actions implemented by compliant providers. It’s a SCION enabled OF-VPN future which has arrived now commercially with Anapaya ready to protect your cryptocurrency network of nodes and their wallet holders, so definitely worth a look.



A call to action. It’s now up to us, members of the crypto community, to take the necessary steps to secure the future of “Sound Money” for the people, YOUR WALLET HOLDERS, by finally separating the State from Money, simply by implementing your community's cryptocurrency network of nodes over SCION enabled OF-VPNs.

To get going quick, as one of the first communities, building, supporting and growing the use of your cryptocurrency on a SCION enabled OF-VPN SUPPORTING ALL YOUR NETWORK NODES, you can start your own OF-VPN for your crypto project by looking up Anapaya today.

The DIY “Do it Yourself” community crowds will need to collectively read the 934 page SCION free pdf and get on github fast and support the project.

The Future ‘Sound Money” Success of Cryptocurrencies =

SCION OF-VPNs and a World of Happy Wallet Holders

Imo, it will take a coordinated collective effort across multiple cryptocurrency communities among their respective node operators to help accelerate the separation of state from money, especially across geographic borders.

In doing so, our collective wallet holders, ‘the people’, will see the future unfold more justly, for themselves and their offspring, simply by making one purchase of products and services at a time, with cryptocurrencies backed by cryptocurrency networks operating over SCION enabled OF-VPNs, without the need for the wide-spread misery any hot war or “Economic Reset” would bring, the only alternatives posited today and being implemented by the status quo, the vested interests.



I M Edwardsson

DLT Architect, CEO WRRSystems, IEN Member, SCADA2IOTA, EnerSettle, Publish0x Blogger as Thunderboltkid, Contracted Consultant for CloudProx