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“SGR” Blockchain Controlled AI: COLLIE & SC BORDERBOTS



Border Collies are great, a few hand signals and, moments later the sheep are in the pen. ;)

SGR Blockchains are great, a clear voting majority “by the people” and moments later the BorderBot Smart Contracts have AI doing what “the people” want.

AI is great with machine learning and access to multiple “data lakes”, a few compute cycles later and ‘the sheep’ are in the ‘pen’. (Not…)

Which of the three world’s would you want to live in? (Personally when I re-incarnate I want to be a shepherd with a decent pack of border collies!)

Many cognizant, sentient beings on this planet in humanoid form insist we live in ‘that’ latter world.

They may be right?

As such conspiracies proliferate with plenty of supporting proof across the worldwide web, the veil seems to be lifting for many on what was previously occult, presided over by the entitled few. It’s not a pretty picture “for the people”.

What indeed, is the average soul to believe?

Especially when surrounded by “face diapered sleeves” and “NPCs”, most of which are programmed to believe their current governments will sustain them with UBI in exchange for acquiescing, that is getting micro-chipped, in order to have AI direct and control their every move.

Sad? Yes. Terrifying? Even more so. We need to get a grip on AI before it get’s a grip on us, asap.


The Crypto “Blockchain” greater community of projects and the people behind them, those building permissioned and/or permissionless distributed ledgers private and public, have an obligation to the ‘the people’ in their domain, to make sure AI does not drive the world and it’s people, into a virtual ‘pen’, as what is increasingly he case these days, worldwide.

After all these same people and projects of the crytpo realm are ‘bolting’ AI, machine learning and data lakes, on to their crypto projects to make them “better and more pervasive”, for the greater good?

Is the world of crypto really developing value add services and solutions to make this world a better place?

No doubt some projects will “talk the talk”, even fewer though, “walk the walk”, in this regard. Most of the ‘crypto’ effort, objectively speaking, is in fact a “wild west effort” aimed at gain, personal gain, a new, cleverly disguised personification of greed if you like, hiding behind a veil of virtue signalling and techno babble. Fees and Rewards are the name of the Main Crypto Game, where Bitcoin still rules the roost, for how long we are not sure. (or at least not as sure as the BTC maximalists).

Moral obligation? Crypto Community? Yes.

To serve the people, is absolutely the best, most noble role for which “blockchain” tech is best suited, managing the vote and the government transparently, for the people, where the outcome clearly manages any AI project at the bequest of the people.

So why are their not more projects in the crypto world in this regard?

Simple. The returns are not easily measured as a “hard store of value” when it comes to the vote and government transparency/oversight use cases. As a result, most collective crypto project hive minds, the emphasis is simply not placed on solving these “people serving” use cases. (the exact opposite of profit serving use cases to which apply their combined effort)

“SGR” SELF GOVERNED REPUBLIC — “For the People, By the People”

For an SGR to be possible these days in this world of complexity, Blockchain Tech shines forth as a real solution.

More the reason the crtypo community in its greater form, of a multitude of projects, needs to make a trajectory shift “for the people”, en mass, to avert the impending disaster of the current trajectory, in that AI is now more than ever likely to “get that grip” on you, your life and your world, faster than any of us think, because the driver is purely profit for many of these “AI” projects.

The Crypto community as a whole, is better positioned than any other industry segment to, effectively “collar” AI now. The blockchain tech which is out there and operating in production mode, is the “cornerstone” and today with intelligent customization, integration and deployment, able to relatively easily ensure AI serves the people and not the other way around by solving the “eVoting” and “eGovernment” set of use cases completely, to the satisfaction of the voting public and, the betterment of this world for all humankind, fauna and flora.



What is Collie?

Think of Collie as a collection of Oracle micro services, connected and directed by an SGR enabled set of Blockchain Smart Contracts which are connected to another layer of Smart Contract controlled slave micro services, BorderBots, whose only job is to configure and scope the bounds of the rules & knowledge lake with in which one or more multiple AI driven entities and their machine learning sub-services operate. A mouthful? Sure, “cuz this aint no game of checkers”.

Collie’s Master? : The SGR Enabled Blockchain

The SGR “Self-governed Republic enabled Blockchain is Collie’s Master, it’s only master. Collie itself, being a ‘pack’ of multiple Kubernetes distributed clusters of micro-services can scale, to handle as many AI clusters as can be found on this planet, no fees attached, to keep each AI project operating within it’s voter dictated & directed ‘bounds’, with Collie’s legions of BorderBots.

How a crypto community project builds up it’s own Collie matters not. Which blockchain to use, with which SC and oracle framework, is definitely not the issue ‘on the table’ (It’s personal sovereignty, if you have not guess by now).

The real challenge in front of all crypto projects is that their own Collie must exist and must have a master if we collectively, as a community of crypto projects, are to have Collie ‘collar’ our own implementation of “bolt on” AI, to ensure we best serve the people and not have that “bolt on” AI serve itself (and the “bolt on AI” financing interests).

Below I have posted flowchart version of the SGR built on the coming Society2/IOTA framework. The reality is the SGR could be built many different ways, integrated to many different manifestations of Collie.


The crypto community project “takeaway” here is: the SGR must be built so Collie can exist to ‘collar’ AI before AI collars us, permanently. (Sound like a future of slavery? Yup and, ask yourself this basic question. If we let this happen are we not exchanging the current form of financial slavery for just another form of the same, this time controlled by algorithms?)

And most importantly, the governance of existing crypto projects of any type, should be left up to the SGR and, not our current form of financial regulations which serve only the entrenched vested interests.

Collie and SGR versus GAIA-X: Beauty versus the Beast?

The SGR and Collie are freshly baked, maybe even more so than the EU inspired, currently nebulous notion of GAIA-X driven by to big telecom players in Germany and Austria, masters of the status quo. (Checkout X Stenography on DJ to learn more about X marker-ed projects… )

GAIA-X for Europe only, is clearly a re-make of the current control scheme. What’s that about lipstick and the pig and a bit of powder?


Same “Players”, slightly different packaging and, you will get more than you bargained for, in the way of personal and life restrictions, as well as more, more in the way of long term debt impositions. Just take the micro-chip and everything will be ok. Your UBI monthly stipend is in your mail, ready to be transferred to your fiat based debit card under central bank control.

Collie dAPPs for all SGR capable blockchains: BorderBots at Your Service

Collie deploys, updates, controls, monitors and reports on it’s BorderBots , a pack of dAPPs under the Collie’s control , which is in turn, under control of it’s master, the SGR enabled Blockchain managed “by the People”, “For the People”.

Borderbots do a few things very well, all the time, right on time, synced to the SGR Blockchain “network” clock to which Collie is attached. Each “bolt on” AI project behaves as it should because the assigned BorderBot manages all aspects of that AI instance’s operation, it’s access to data lakes, the scope: reach, cost and timing of it’s machine learning efforts, always keeping the AI instance on it’s main task to serve the people who vote with and mange the SGR enabled Blockchain.

We must do this, asap, that is Get a Grip on AI, before ‘’IT’ get’s a grip on us, permanently.

Having Collie collaring AI is simply my understanding of a way forward to do just that. (I am sure the creative types can take this notion and develop their own flavour of Collie and the SGR enabled Blockchain)

I’ll do my part and post all of the above on github public shortly. So please check the comments for instructions on how to get there in the next week or so.

Thereafter, it’s up to each individual crypto community project to “step up”, collar their own “bolt on” AI project with their own implementation of Collie, or get counted “out” by the people.

After all, if your crypto community project is not really “for the people”, then ask your collective self, why does ‘it” exist at all?




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